Going beyond traditional IT roles, our Learning and Technology Team actively integrates into various facets of school life. Proficient in multimedia elements like audio-visual and video editing, they contribute to shaping the school's curriculum, offering faculty limitless teaching possibilities. Collaborating with educators and students, they enrich the learning environment and play a pivotal role in fostering digital proficiency and cultivating a future-ready mindset.

Leveraging Technology for Learning

Technology is seamlessly woven into the fabric of learning at SLS. In the hands of our creative students and dedicated teachers, digital resources become catalysts for intellectual exploration, sparking innovation in every classroom. We invite you to explore some examples below.

A best-in-class education, as we envision it, transcends traditional boundaries. At St. Luke's, we aspire to unlock for our students the seemingly limitless dimensions technology offers for expression and understanding. Our commitment is to cultivate a dynamic learning environment where technology serves as a powerful tool, empowering students to navigate the ever-evolving landscape of knowledge and prepare them for the challenges and opportunities of the future.

Eleanor Page, Director of Information Technology

The way St. Luke's thinks about technology sets us apart. Technology is not confined to a department, it’s something integral to school life. Our team works in partnership with every student and teacher who wants to explore what's possible."

No Idea Too Small, No Project Too Big

This is the mantra of our team. From developing an "epic" video game or dabbling in virtual reality, the only limit is one's imagination. Check out some recent examples below.

Digital Citizenship

Digital Citizenship centers on identifying and fostering appropriate uses of technology. Our children were born digital natives, but should be taught to be safe, responsible digital citizens. The Digital Citizenship curriculum is based on competencies and standards from the International Society for Technology in Education or ISTE. It provides students with the essentials needed to make ethical and informed decisions about the powerful technological tools at their disposal.

Macbook Air Laptops

Students in grades 7 through 12 receive a Macbook Air laptop for use in school and to take home. Students use this technology for digital books or lessons, as well as to research, write, or create using more sophisticated applications, such as those for editing video and audio. All students will create some videos as part of their educational experience.


Students in grades 5 through 6 receive a Chromebook laptop with an integrated pen, tablet features, and a touch screen. Chromebooks, which are durable and easy to use, are a great way to introduce younger students to school-related devices and applications. These are simple to use, yet offer students and teachers access to thousands of education applications. Students begin by leaving their Chromebooks at school overnight, but work their way up to taking devices home—a big responsibility that's earned through experience and digital citizenship training.

Meet Our Learning & Technology Team

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  • Matthew Bavone

    Academic Technology Coordinator, Latin Teacher, 9th Grade Co-Dean
    (203) 801-4826

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